Why We Should Consider and Prefer June Intake in Australia?

June Intake in Australia


Attention, all prospective students! Are you planning to study in Australia but feeling confused about which intake season to choose? Look no further than the June Intake! With its unique benefits and advantages, it’s time to consider why this lesser-known option could be your perfect match. Keep reading to discover why we should prefer June Intake in Australia and how it can elevate your education journey.

The Cost of Living in Australia

The cost of living in Australia can be expensive, but it depends on your lifestyle and where you live. In general, Australian cities are more expensive than rural areas. The cost of food and housing are the biggest expenses for most people.

For singles, the average weekly expenditure is $1,825 while for couples with children, it is $2,751. ㅋ Families with two working adults and two school-aged children spend an average of $3,876 a week.

Housing costs vary depending on the location and type of dwelling. In capital cities, the median weekly rent for a house is $440 while the median weekly rent for a unit is $380. Outside of capital cities, the median weekly rent for a house is $330 while the median weekly rent for a unit is $280.

Utilities such as gas, electricity and water can also add to your living expenses. The average household spends around $140 per week on utilities.

Transportation costs will also vary depending on your lifestyle. If you use public transport regularly, an adult myki pass (unlimited travel within zones 1-2) in Melbourne costs $38.80 per week. If you drive a car, petrol prices average around $1.30 per litre across Australia (as of January 2019). Depending on your car and driving habits, you can expect to spend around $70-$180 per week on petrol.

Entertainment and recreation expenses

The Education System in Australia

The education system in Australia is world-renowned and offers a great deal of flexibility to students. The main reasons for choosing to study in Australia are:

– The quality of education is excellent. Australian universities consistently rank highly in international league tables and the country has produced some world-renowned scholars.

– There is a huge range of courses on offer. Whatever your chosen field of study, you will be able to find a course to suit you in Australia.

– The lifestyle is fantastic. Australia is a beautiful country with a relaxed and friendly way of life. It’s the perfect place to live and study!

If you’re thinking about studying in Australia, June intake is definitely the best time to go. Here are some reasons why:

– You’ll avoid the crowds. Many students choose to study in Australia during the Northern Hemisphere winter, which means that campuses can be quite crowded during this time. If you start your studies in June, you’ll miss the rush and have the chance to settle into university life before everyone else arrives.

– The weather is perfect. Summer in Australia is an amazing experience – sunny days, blue skies and clear waters. You’ll be able to make the most of your time here by enjoying all that our stunning country has to offer.

– You can get ahead academically. Starting your studies early means that you can get ahead of the pack and complete

The Job Market in Australia

The job market in Australia is very strong at the moment. There are plenty of opportunities for those seeking work, and the unemployment rate is low. This is good news for those considering studying in Australia, as it means that there are plenty of chances to gain employment after graduation. The job market is especially strong in the major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, but there are also many opportunities in other parts of the country.

June is a great time to start studying in Australia, as the job market is still strong and there are plenty of opportunities available. It is also worth considering if you are looking to gain some work experience while you study. Many employers are happy to take on students part-time or even full-time during the summer break, and this can be a great way to earn some extra money and get some valuable experience under your belt.

Why also Discuss with Overseas Education Consultants?

There are several reasons why it is beneficial to consult with an overseas education consultant when considering a June intake in Australia. Firstly, consultants are experts in the field of international education and can provide guidance on the specific requirements for enrolling in an Australian university. Secondly, consultants can assist with the application process and provide advice on how to best prepare for studying in Australia. Thirdly, consultants can offer support and advice throughout the duration of your studies, including during the transition to life after graduation. Finally, consultants can connect you with other students who are also enrolled in a June intake at an Australian university, providing a valuable support network.


In conclusion, the June intake in Australia is a great option for those seeking to start their higher education journey. With more flexibility and better accommodations for international students, this pathway allows them to fully embrace the experience of living and studying abroad in an affordable way. Additionally, with many universities offering scholarships specifically for June intakes, it can be even easier to make your educational dreams come true in one of the world’s most vibrant countries!