Why PUBG Mobile is the Most Popular Game in India?

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Popularly known as “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds” or PUBG, this multiplayer first-person shooter has taken the world by storm. 

It doesn’t take long to catch on to its simple yet addicting gameplay, but what makes it so different from other games on the market?

One of the most important reasons for its popularity is its accessibility. The game is available for all devices, so whether you’re working (even on a public holiday), playing with your friends, or bored at home, this game is always easy to play and accessible.

PUBG has also attracted attention because of its broad reach and knowledge about Referral code meaning in hindi. Despite being available on only a few gaming platforms, it has managed to create a game mode in which millions of players have gathered. 

This is because everyone feels they can be competitive and have what it takes to win.

With offerings on all major gaming platforms, it’s not difficult to pick up the game and try out the massive number of players! Indeed, with more time on their hands, people will also be drawn towards this mobile version.

Many players master PUBG, and many people tried to get hook initially. The one who learns all the tricks and gameplay is known as “PUBG ka baap.” 

Nowadays, many tricks and cheats for PUBG games are available on the internet for free. Just find a PUBG ka baap and learn from them.

Every player is obsess with being the last man standing, and when you consider how much time people spend playing this game, it’s easy to realize why they would go to any length to achieve that victory!

PUBG Mobile has also received attention because it allows players to access their favorite maps without downloading them from a PC or console. This is an additional feature.

5 Reasons why PUBG is Most Prevalent in India

This goes without saying. Anything that has to do with competitive gaming will automatically gain massive popularity in India. 

From sports to esports and from table tennis to Counter-Strike, the country has witnessed a significant rise in the popularity of competitive gaming over the last decade.

1) Significant multiplayer support: 

The game’s popularity can be attribute to the fact that it has gathered an enormous player base, especially in India. The game is available on all platforms, so finding someone to play with is more accessible. 

With a large and growing player base, the likelihood of you finding someone to play with and compete with is pretty high.

2) Popular PC game: 

The original PUBG game was release in 2017, and was touted as the next big PC game. The current version, PUBG Mobile is available on both Android and iOS devices, which is a testament to the popularity of this game. 

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The ports of the game are very easy to learn how to play and easy to access, so getting people interest in it is pretty simple. 

3) Play anywhere: 

You need an internet connection to play the game on your phone. That’s what makes PUBG Mobile so popular. Since it is accessible from all platforms, you can play the game whenever and wherever you are. 

The only thing that you need to have is a phone with an internet connection and a mobile data plan.

4) Consistency: 

Having millions of players from all over the world gather in one place has undoubtedly attracted much attention from news outlets and gaming sites worldwide. 

This has helped the game generate a lot of attention and make it one of India’s most popular mobile games.

5) Easy to learn: 

It takes seconds to install the game and start playing if you are a beginner! Even a 10-year-old kid can play PUBG on their phone. 

All you have to do is download the app and start playing with your friends in the game mode that you want! 

The game creators have also made it easy for players by providing different chunks of information regarding their gameplay options and other mechanics through their official mobile website.

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