Why Every Company Should Use Whatsapp Business This Year

WhatsApp Business

Businesses have used SMS and email to communicate with customers for years. These channels are still effective, but the world of messaging is changing. Apps such as WhatsApp Business offer features that enable businesses to have a greater impact on customer satisfaction.

 By expanding their reach, improving deliverability, managing support costs, and increasing security.

Other messaging channels continue to be a key part of any company’s communication strategy. They will likely stay so for a long time.

But, the WhatsApp Business app allows companies in certain Latin American, Asian, and African countries to reach a wider audience.

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business, an instant messaging platform that launched WhatsApp Business last year, is a standalone application that small businesses can use for connecting with customers.

WhatsApp Business was designed with small business owners at heart. This app was created for small business owners.

WhatsApp Business allows businesses to connect with customers of the original WhatsApp version. Customers don’t need to download the “Business version”.

Because it will be listed as a business account, users will be able to tell when they have been contacted by a company rather than an individual.

If you are in the real estate business using WhatsApp business smartly you can get more real estate business leads for free.

WhatsApp Business: The Advantages


The Whatsapp business app lets businesses create a profile with helpful information such as an address, phone number, and business description. email and website.

Quick messages

Quick responses is one of the many messaging tools included in the WhatsApp Business app. This tool allows businesses to save and reuse often-sent messages, so customers can quickly answer simple questions. “Automated Messages” is another useful tool.

Top digital advertising specialists suggest this because businesses can use this tool to send customers a no-show message if they are unable to respond. You can also use this to introduce your company.

Simple statistics

Businesses can view simple metrics about the messages that were sent through the app’s messaging statistics feature. You can view important metrics such as how many messages were sent successfully, delivered, and read.

Contact via your smartphone or PC

Apart from sending and receiving messages from customers via the app, businesses can also receive and send messages to WhatsApp Business on their laptops or computers, making it easier for businesses with dedicated customer service teams. customer.

What information do I need before installing WhatsApp Business

Remember that a WhatsApp Business profile is a distinct profile. There is no connection between personal and business accounts.

You can create an account using a business number, or the WhatsApp number you already have.

However, you need to know that if your number is used for business registration your personal WhatsApp account will be converted into a business profile. All contacts will then be imported to your business profile.

You can do this by including a WhatsApp chat button on your website or a phone number through traditional advertising or word-of-mouth.

How do you configure WhatsApp Business?

First, ensure that WhatsApp Business is installed in your country. Next, follow these steps:

  •  Choose the number that you would like to use in your business profile.  
  •  Download WhatsApp Business from the Play Store and iOS.  
  •  After you have opened WhatsApp Business, then you will need to verify your business number.  
  •  Establish your business name.    
  •  Click the menu button to go to profile settings. Fill in the fields you wish to share with customers.  

Any company can make a significant impact on its competitiveness by using WhatsApp Business as part of its communication strategy.