What Is An Orthopedics Doctor? Definition, Types, And More Related To This Speciality


An orthopedics doctor will help in treating broken bones or joints. The best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai or any other city is an expert in effectively treating muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Dig deeper to know more about an orthopedic doctor. 

 Types Of Orthopedic

The different branches or subspecialties in the branch of orthopedics are as follows:

● Ankle and foot

● Hand and upper extremity

● Pediatric orthopedic

● Spine surgery

● Sports medicine

● Trauma surgery

● Musculoskeletal oncology

● Joint replacement surgery

 What Can An Orthopedic Doctor Treat?

An orthopedic doctor can treat different types of musculoskeletal conditions. The issues can be present from birth or happen due to an injury. Some orthopedic problems also arise due to increasing age. Some of the conditions treated by an orthopedic doctor are as follows:

● Bone fractures

● Arthritis joint pain

● Ligament, muscle, or tendon injuries

● Neck pain

● Back pain

● Bursitis or other issues of shoulder pain

● Scoliosis, clubfoot, or other congenital diseases

● Carpal tunnel syndrome

● Sports injuries like tendinitis

 What Are The Diagnostic Tests For Orthopaedic Problems?

An orthopedic doctor understands a person’s symptoms and conducts a physical examination. An X-ray might be required to attend an orthopedic doctor’s appointment. Some of the other diagnostic tests for detecting orthopedic problems are as follows:

● A CT scan

● An MRI scan

● A bone scan

● Nerve conduction studies

● An ultrasound 

● Blood tests

 Ending Note

Orthopedics refers to the treatment of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. An orthopedic doctor often works with a team of physician assistants, physical therapists, nurses, and other medical practitioners. 

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