What are the Most Common Reasons for Seeking Bariatric Surgery?

What are the Most Common Reasons for Seeking Bariatric Surgery?

For people trying to lose weight, bariatric surgery can be life-changing, provided it is performed by one of the best bariatric surgeons in India. But did you know that there are many more health benefits than just taking the weight off your shoulders? 

Bariatric surgery can result in sustained weight loss in people with obesity that has not had long-term success with other weight loss attempts. 

Various bariatric surgeries are available. Gastric bypass and gastric sleeve are the most common surgeries. 

Bariatric surgery reduces the storage capacity of the stomach, which limits food intake and helps you feel full much sooner than normal. 

Some bariatric procedures also limit calorie intake. Your doctor can help you determine if you’re a candidate, and if so, which option might be best for you.

Who is it for?

In general, if you satisfy the following requirements, bariatric surgery may be a possibility for you:

• Your body mass index (BMI) is 40 or more, which is known as extreme obesity.

• Your BMI is between 35 and 39.9, called obesity, and you have a serious weight-related health problem, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, or severe sleep apnea. Sometimes, you may qualify for certain types of weight loss surgery if your BMI is 30 to 34 and you have serious health-related problems.

Bariatric surgery is not appropriate for everyone who is excessively obese. You may need to meet certain medical criteria to be considered for weight loss surgery. 

To find out if you qualify, you will most likely have to go through a rigorous selection process. You must also be willing to make long-term changes to live a healthier lifestyle.

More advantages than simply losing weight

Bariatric surgery offers people significant and sustainable weight loss. Losing and gaining weight again does nothing to alleviate the potential health problems associated with obesity. 

You need to maintain the weight for at least five years to count the loss as a success and lead to a happier, healthier person.

The advantages of bariatric surgery extend beyond simple weight loss:

• Long-term remission of type 2 diabetes

One study reported that bariatric surgery results in long-term remission of type 2 diabetes. The results of this study show that the procedure is very effective in people with obesity and type 2 diabetes. Thus, allowing almost all patients to remain free of insulin and other related drugs for at least three years after surgery.

• Improving cardiovascular health

Weight loss surgery lowers a person’s risk of coronary artery disease, stroke, and peripheral artery disease. 

In addition, one study even reported that weight loss achieved through surgery can help prevent the risk of death associated with stroke, hypertension, and myocardial infarction. 

After surgery, blood pressure and cholesterol levels may return to normal or near normal, lowering these risks and increasing overall well-being.

• Relief from depression

Many obese persons are depressed as a result of their negative body image and social stigma. 

Even the youngest, significantly overweight people find it difficult to participate in activities they would otherwise enjoy, leading to social isolation and depression. 

Achieving and maintaining a normal weight range often allows people with sleep apnea to avoid using a CPAP machine before bed. About 80 to 85% of patients experience remission of sleep apnea one year after surgery.

• Relief of joint pain 

Carrying excess weight puts a lot of strain on your weight-bearing joints, often causing chronic pain and joint damage. 

The significant and sustained weight loss that occurs after bariatric surgery takes stress off the joints and often allows people to forego pain medication and enjoy much more mobility.

• Improving fertility 

Weight loss surgery can also boost fertility while pregnant. According to one study, the incidence of miscarriage after bariatric surgery may be reduced and menstrual periods improved in non-ovulating women.

• Relief of other medical conditions 

Weight loss surgery can also help with metabolic syndrome, pregnancy difficulties, gallbladder disease, and other medical conditions.

As obesity and its associated health complications increase at an alarming rate, bariatric surgery undoubtedly represents a powerful tool to bring lasting relief to obese people. Now that you know about bariatric surgery, choose a healthcare facility with the best bariatric surgeons in India.

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