What are The Advantages of Using a Canned Pump in Industrial Applications?

Canned Motor Pumps

The handling of diverse fluids, including chemicals, oils, and other hazardous compounds, is frequently necessary for industrial processes. The canned motor pump is used to move these fluids reliably and effectively, which is essential for the efficient running of industrial operations.

A form of centrifugal pump called a canned motor pump has both it’s motor and impeller housed in a hermetically sealed container. Compared to conventional pump designs, this one has a number of benefits, especially in industrial settings where reliability, efficiency, and safety are crucial.

The benefits of using a canned motor pump in industrial applications will be discussed in this article.

Enhanced Safety

Increased safety is one of the key benefits of a canned motor pump. When handling hazardous materials, it can be especially crucial to have a pump that is hermetically sealed to prevent any fluid or gas leaks. In addition to defending the environment and nearby machinery, this also safeguards the workers. In addition, the shaft seal, a typical cause of leaks in conventional pumps, is not required with the canned motor pump design.

Greater dependability

An additional benefit of a canned motor pump is improved dependability. The motor and impeller are shielded from outside influences like dust, moisture, and vibration since they are encased in a sealed container. The lifespan of the pump is increased while the chance of mechanical failure is decreased.

Energy Savings

Moreover, canned motor pumps use less energy than conventional pumps. Because the pump is hermetically sealed, less cooling is required, which can save a lot of energy. Additionally, because there isn’t a shaft seal, there are no frictional losses like there are with conventional pumps, which results in even bigger energy savings.

Easily Maintained

Compared to conventional pumps, canned motor pumps require less maintenance, which is advantageous in industrial settings where downtime can be expensive. There are no seals or bearings that need to be replaced because the pump lacks a shaft seal. This eases upkeep and lowers the possibility of human error, which can result in expensive downtime.

Noise Levels Drop

Last but not least, canned motor pumps are noisier than conventional pumps. The pump’s hermetically sealed construction lowers noise levels, which can be especially useful in industrial situations where noise pollution is an issue.


Compared to conventional pump designs, Fnengg canned motor pump manufacturers have a variety of benefits, particularly in industrial settings where reliability, efficiency, and safety are crucial. The pump’s hermetically sealed construction improves safety and dependability while consuming less energy and requiring less maintenance. Because of these benefits, canned motor pumps are a popular option for many industrial applications.