Top 5 way HP Printer Error code Causes and Solutions

hp printers error code

Most printing equipment is an HP printer. Today’s HP printers display a variety of trouble codes. An error message is visible on the screen and the HP printer has ceased functioning. When a printer has hardware or software problems, the HP printer error codes are shown.

The common and simple fixes for HP printer problem codes are available. The many models of HP Printer have displayed various error codes. We explain the reasons and fixes for numerous HP Printer problem codes in this article.

Don’t panic When you see the HP Printer error state message on the display screen. The simple solution helps you to troubleshoot HP error codes.

1.  Error Code 02 – Warming up Error

Driver or printer cable issues are related to the HP printer Error code 02 on HP printers.

What to do: Turn down the printer and unplug all of the printer’s cords to fix printer error code 2. Turn on the printer after waiting a few minutes. Verify that the error message has vanished. If the error code still persists, there can be a hardware issue.

2. Supplies Memory Trouble, HP Error Code 10

When you use non-OEM or third-party toner or ink cartridges, the HP Printer Error Code 10 manifests. Its dislodgment, scratching, or lack of installation in the printer are all potential causes of this problem.

How to handle the HP Error code 10 Remove the power cable from the printer and turn it off. Turn it back on after waiting for 30 seconds. Reinstall the toner and cartridges in the printer if the error reappears.

3.Error Number 11 for HP Printers: Paper Out

It signifies that the paper tray of the printer is empty. Open the paper tray and add paper to it. The paper sensor could be malfunctioning if the paper tray isn’t empty.

What to do: Check to see if the optical or paper sensor is clean and undamaged.

4.Error 13 – Paper Jam on HP Printer

When paper gets stuck in the printer, the printer error code 13 appears. If there is a paper jam, the HP Printer will instruct you where it is so you can clear it and fix the mistake.

5.No toner cartridges, HP Error Code 14

When a toner cartridge is missing from the printer or is not placed properly, the HP Error code 14 is shown.

What to do: Verify that the toner cartridge is installed in the printer. If the toner is in the printer, take it out and put it back in to solve the issue.

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If none of the above methods work, it may be time to seek professional help or consider purchasing a new printer. For more information on fixing error hp printers codes visit printer error