Umrah Journey: Things To Do Before Going To Umrah


Do you know what things you should do before going to Easter Umrah? If you don’t know about it then this article is for you. You can get better information about what you are going to do before the performance of Umrah. Firstly, you should spend a lot of time in remembrance of Allah Almighty and his beloved Holy Prophet PBUH. This will bring you close to Allah even before starting your Umrah journey. Pray to Allah Almighty that make this journey easy for you.

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What Things You Should Do Before Leaving?

Seek forgiveness from your relatives

Umrah is the journey that cleanses your mind, body, and your soul as well. You should keep your heart clean while performing Umrah because in this journey you are going close to Allah Almighty. Make sure that no one gets hurt from any sort of activity. If any of your relatives have any problem with you then make it clear. Ask forgiveness from all of them so that their hearts should be clean for you.

The people who are going to perform Umrah spend a lot of time with their family and their friends. They seek forgiveness from them for any wrong thing you did in the past with them. It is a chance for you to clear all the grudges with your family and friends as well. You bid them farewell before your Umrah journey.

Seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty

After seeking forgiveness from your kin, seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty too. Allah Almighty says that I will never forgive you until my people will not forgive you. Allah Almighty will forgive your sins but he will not forgive you if you hurt someone. So, seek forgiveness from people and seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty that clears me from my past sins. By doing this, we become clear from all the past sins and can get closeness with Allah Almighty.

Pay Zakat

Zakat means charity and it is one of the most important pillars of Islam. You must pay Zakat before going to perform Umrah. Before you start doing Umrah, help the needy and poor people. It will bring you close to Allah Almighty. The performance of all duties that are obligatory upon the intended pilgrim is necessary. So, helping the poor and needy people through charity is necessary before the performance of Umrah. You can do charity by giving food or donations to needy people. Remember that you are doing this activity in the house of Allah Almighty. He will provide you more and more if you serve people in his way.

Perform Salah and recite Dua

We have many different purposes for Salah and Dua. Sometimes we offer Salah only for our happiness and sometimes we offer Salah for a specific purpose. People have different purposes for their Duas. Dua can be made with different intentions. We can make Dua to Allah Almighty for anything we want in our life. Dua and Salah is the way to address Allah Almighty. We address Allah Almighty in Dua.

Anything we desire in our life can be achieved by making Dua. Before going to Umrah, you must pray for your safe arrival to perform Umrah. Make Dua that all of your Umrah rituals be accepted by Allah Almighty.  Moreover, you have to pray 2 rakats before leaving for your Umrah journey. You must read surahs when you leave for Umrah.

Build up your stamina

You need a lot of stamina to perform Umrah. There is a great deal of physical exertion in the performance of Umrah. You have to walk great distances while performing Umrah. For this purpose, try to go on a walk daily for at least one month before going to Umrah. Through the walk, you can build up your stamina to cover huge distances while performing Umrah. You can perform Tawaf easily if you have the practice doing walking. Furthermore, you have to walk five times a day from your hotel to mosques for offering prayers. So, it will be helpful for you in this regard also. 7 continents travel offers you best Easter Umrah Packages.

Preparation Of Umrah

Umrah’s journey is very rewarding and emotional in its unique way. Cheap Easter Umrah allows you to fulfill your dreams at a reasonable price.

Mental preparation

Not only physical but mental preparation is also an important task before going to Umrah. Your mind should be prepared for all the things which are going to happen during your Umrah journey. For example, you should prepare yourself to deal with the crowd. Make up your mind that you have to face the crowd and know how to deal with it. Furthermore, the language barrier is another thing that you have to face over there. The people over there cannot understand your language and you cannot understand their language. So be ready to face the language barrier. Prepare yourself mentally so that you have to adjust to the language barrier. Prepare yourself mentally and have the best Easter Umrah.

Physical preparation

Physical preparation includes keeping yourself fit and healthy to perform Umrah easily. Star does exercises and walks one month before going to Umrah. You have to walk long distances while performing Umrah. So, be prepared to cope with this situation. Secondly, get yourself vaccinated. It will keep you away from many diseases and problems. Complete your essentials before leaving for your Umrah journey.

Start packing your bags one week before your flight. It is because, with time, you remind of things so you can pack all the things when you remember any of them. One important thing is to pack your clothes according to the weather in Saudi Arabia. You must know about the climate of Saudi Arabia. If it is hot so keep light clothes with you but if the climate is cold then keep warm clothes with you.

Spiritual preparation

Spiritual preparation is also important along with physical and mental preparation. For your spiritual preparation, read Islamic books and listen to Islamic melodies. It will refresh your soul. Your mind and body will get soothed by doing this act. Learn the short Surahs so that you can read them while performing Umrah. Keep in your mind that you are performing Umrah just to seek the pleasure of Allah Almighty.

Your main goal and intention should be the same. Your Umrah’s purpose should only be seeking the pleasure of Allah Almighty. Lastly, don’t panic in any situation. Have patience in any situation. There will be a lot of situations in which you will need patience. It is said that take one bag of your essentials but take 10 bags of Taqwa with you.


In short, prepare yourself for Umrah mentally, physically, and spiritually. Remember all the things that you need to know before going to Umrah. It is the recommendation for you to study religious books based on Umrah and the rituals of Umrah. 7 Continents Travel Pvt Ltd is offering cheap Easter Umrah deals. Avail of the opportunity as soon as possible. May Allah Almighty fill your heart with his love. Best wishes to you.