Touring To Sandakphu And Phalut Highlights 

sandakphu trek


 Experience one of the loftiest north- south mountain crest- the Singalila range that divides West Bengal and the Himalayan range. 

The notorious “ Sleeping Buddha ” conformation of peaks formed by the four Tallest Mountains In The World! 

SeeingMt. Everest on the horizon you’ll love every bit of Sandakphu trekking

The flowering of Rhododendrons and Magnolia turn the timber into red, pink, and white tones during springtime. 


 touring To Sandakphu And Phalut Overview 

 About the Sandakphu & Phalut Trekking 

 Popularly known as the’ Trekker’s Wonderland’, Sandakphu is indeed one of the most scenic journeys both for newcomers and experts. Enjoy spectacular views of some of the loftiest mountains in the world including the Kanchendzongha range, Makalu, Everest, Lhotse, Jannu, Chamlang, Baruntse, and a host of Sikkim peaks all seen in one stretch.

The notorious “ Sleeping Buddha ” conformation of peaks is a delight for all. This journey follows the notorious Singalila Ridge, a high ground that lies at the southern end of a long crest, which runs down from the Kanchendzongha range and forms the border between Sikkim & Nepal. 

Walking on the high crests, witnessing small Himalayan agreements, touring through a various timber filled with Rhododendrons and Magnolia, and passing through Singalila National demesne which is a biodiversity hotspot that boasts multitudinous species of catcalls and Red Panda is rare but not insolvable to sight, makes this journey a must- do for adventure suckers. 


 How to Reach Maneybhanjan/ Chitrey 

We’ll arrange a volley and drop from NJP/ Bagdogra to Chitrey and a drop from Rimbik to NJP/ Siliguri. This will be participated by the platoon members on an factual base. generally a SUMO/ Mahindra Max costs around 3500 Rs for Chitrey and to 4500Rs from Rimbik to NJP. One similar auto can accommodate 6 to 8 people. 


 If you want to reach Chitrey by public transportation also then are the options

 1) Take a participated jeep for Darjeeling from NJP Railway station and get down at Ghoom road station. You can get one similar participated jeep from Tenzing Norgay Bus Terminus in Siliguri also. 

 2) Get another participated jeep from Ghoom to the city of Sukhiapokhri. 

 3) From Sukhiapokhri mileage of the jeep service for Maneybhanjung. From then you have to walk a steep 2 Km up on the Sandakphu road to reach Chitrey. 

Sandakphu & Phalut Trekking Season 

Being on the Nepal/ Sikkim border this area observes a longer thunderstorm. shadows start to hang from April and protract till October morning. There are two distinct seasons when this time’s journey is particularly beautiful 


 1) Spring/ Summer for Rhododendron season From medial of March to Mid of May. Flowering starts from early March in the lower elevation, and gradationally towards the end of spring at advanced mound. Rhododendron and Giant Magnolia are the two most notorious along with several other wildflower species. A cloudy or misty atmosphere is common during spring. Though clear mountain views aren’t uncommon, especially during the morning. 


 2) Fall/ Downtime for clear rainfall Frommid-October to January. At the morning of October, shadows start moving out from this region and the rainfall becomes clearer. November is particularly known for its demitasse clear views of the mountains. 



Sandakphu & Phalut Trekking Eliminations 

Accommodation- 6 nights ’ accommodation from Chitrey( Day 1) to Srikhola( Day 6) in a Private sightseer lodge/ Government Pedestrians Hut on participating base. 

 refections- All refections during the journey. Regular Indian- style nutritional submissive food during the journey, breakfast, hot lunch( en route), snacks, regale along with coffee/ tea/ haze. 

 Expert journey Leader- An excellent mountain companion who’ll be original to this particular area and has profound knowledge of the touring trail around. 

 Camping charges- The permit figure for Singalila National Park and timber camping charges are included in the Sandakphu Trek package. 

 Safety outfit-First aid tackle, oxygen cylinders, oximeter,etc. will be with the companion journey leader and at the campground as well to deal with extremities. 

 Expert Trek support platoon- The mountain staff on this journey consists of certified attendants, culinarians, aides, and janitors. 

Know Before You Go for Trekking To Sandakphu And Phalut 

 Climatic conditions in the high mound vary from the plains; take acceptable time to get adapted to high mound. 

 Carry introductory specifics and a first- aid tackle during the stint. 

 Pay heed to the journey leaders or preceptors in order to enjoy a safe and sound experience. 

 The journey takes place througheco-friendly zone; don’t encourage littering the original spots or campgrounds. 

 While visiting any religious spots, follow proper dress- law and don’t hurt the original sentiments of the places. 

 Tranport cost from NJP to Chitrey and from Srikola to NJP is to be borne by the mountaineer on factual base. Same can be arranged on request. 

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