How To Find Top Trending Products To Sell Online

Energy shortages, global strife, and trouble with the supply system all appear to have occurred in 2022. However, e-commerce has persisted as a reliable source of revenue for B2B online stores despite the economic turbulence.

According to projections, this year’s global sales could surpass $5 trillion as the business continues to expand.

The B2B e-commerce sector is also expected to reach $13.6 trillion in value by 2027 due to rising sales, which means 2023 will probably be a significant year for the sector.

Smart vendors will be planning how to benefit from the e-commerce growth. We’ve compiled a list of the top trending products to offer in 2023 in case you’re considering entering the digital sales space or want to broaden your online sales catalog.

How to locate trendy items to sell online

It’s important to take some time to explain how to identify top-selling items online before moving on to our selection of the greatest products to sell online in the upcoming year.

There is more rivalry than ever before due to the rising profile of the B2B e-commerce industry and the entrance of businesses into digital selling. Selling in-demand goods that boost your profitability is one way your online store may outperform the competition.

By researching trend websites, embracing social listening, and keeping an eye out for product pattern lists like this one from, you may find the things that people want to buy.

Top products that will be in demand online in 2023

Selling what customers want to buy is the key to success in e-commerce, as every successful online shop is aware. Lists like this one are helpful in that situation. The product categories with specific trending items that promise to boost online sales in the upcoming year are highlighted below.

If you currently have a specialty and are seeking a new product category to market, you’ll find this list to be helpful. This list will also be useful to B2B companies seeking through the B2B buyers directory for a digital selling specialty.

Health and lifestyle

Today, people place a higher priority on their health and well-being. The World Economic Forum reports that 62% of respondents admit they are more concerned about their health now than they were before the pandemic.

Top-selling items in this category include some of the following:

  • Supplements for health: There is a surge in interest in supplements, which have been linked to improved sports performance and male fertility. Mushroom coffee, which combines ground medicinal mushrooms like lion’s mane with coffee beans, is another popular item.
  • Air purifiers: As concern over air quality in many large cities has increased, air purifiers are becoming more popular as a way to clean up contaminated air.
  • Matcha: In the world of health and wellness, matcha, a form of green tea with caffeine, is becoming more popular.


A mainstay of B2B e-commerce is fashion. However, current events, such as a resurgence in outdoor and social activities, are sparking more interest in some things. In-demand fashion products for 2023 include:

  • High-waist jeans: Outdoor clothing is experiencing a comeback, and mom jeans—also known as high-waist jeans—remain a client favorite.
  • Athleisure: Sportswear is now in style because of a rise in the popularity of sneakers and companies like Nike and Lululemon. Customers adore the comfort and style these goods offer.
  • Headscarves: Scarves are a stylish accessory that goes with practically any outfit and is available in a variety of eye-catching patterns and hues. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Google Trends is reporting high search volumes.

Care for oneself and beauty

By 2026, the beauty and personal care sector will have generated $131 billion in revenue, an increase of more than 50%. The principal personal care and cosmetics items driving this trend include:

  • Press-on nails: Customers love press-on nails because they are fashionable, inexpensive, and cozy.
  • Hair wigs: With yearly growth rates of 13%, the hair extensions market is one of the most active ones worldwide.
  • Sleep masks: Sleep masks might help you fall asleep more quickly and deeply. Customers adore them since they shield the eyes from glaring lights that can prevent them from falling asleep.
  • Electric toothbrushes: These top grooming categories may be more user-friendly and productive than manual toothbrushes.


Before the epidemic, fast food and takeout saw a boom in popularity, but today, more people are turning to home-cooked meals. The top-selling items in this category consist of:

  • Air fryers: Air fryers are incredibly popular and are widely available, especially around the holidays. Customers like these items’ adaptability and relative simplicity in comparison to deep fryers.
  • Portable blenders: Both provide convenient and straightforward access. Customers can make juices, smoothies, and other drinks with them while on the go.