The Rising Popularity of Electric and Hybrid Used Cars in Dubai

Used Cars in Dubai

There is a rising trend to buy electric, and hybrid used cars in Dubai amongst the drivers of the UAE. That is because these automobiles reduce fuel prices by giving a secondary option of charging the car on electricity, according to the experts.

With rising petrol prices, electric and hybrid used cars are becoming quite popular. Thus, this post will outline the facts about the rising popularity of electric and hybrid pre owned cars in Dubai.

Carmakers and dealerships are detecting a “better than before” demand for electrical or hybrid used cars.

Hybrid automobiles utilize two types of power sources, petrol, and electric motor. On the contrary, electric vehicles run on a battery and an electric motor.

The Electric and Hybrid Used Cars Purchasing Trend is Rising

A popular car dealership in the UAE that offers used cars for sale from brands like Toyota, Honda, and Lexus states that increasing fuel prices are the primary but not the major aspect behind the rising popularity of electric and hybrid used automobiles in Dubai.

A top manager at a car manufacturing company stated that there is a high demand for electric vehicles in the market.

That can be associated not only with the high costs, which are facilitating the increased growth but also because of the rise in consumer awareness and preference for the technology and environmental benefits.

We believe the trend for buying hybrid and electric automobiles will consistently increase. That’s because today’s drivers anticipate upgrading to better hybrid and electric vehicles as more customers start understanding the perks of hybrid automobiles.

Hybrid and EV Sales are Improving

Internationally, there are less than twenty million electric vehicles on the highways, consisting of one and a half percent of the international fleet, according to the market research company. The car experts have predicted that the amount will increase again by the conclusion of the next twelve months.

There has been an increase in demand for electric and hybrid vehicles in many countries for many years. But EV sales in the UAE have tremendously increased because petrol costs are rising.

A recent survey by a popular carmaker in the UAE discovered that 52 percent of consumers want to shift towards hybrid/electric automobiles.

Consumers Optimistic about Electric and Hybrid Cars

A quarter of the thousand consumers surveyed said that they are anticipating the introduction of new electric vehicle models before they can buy automobiles. Also, fourteen percent of the population was not satisfied with their purchase of a petrol car because they found the hybrid cars more beneficial after they bought the petrol version.

The only aspect hindering the purchase of electric and hybrid automobiles is the higher costs. The customers compare the price of electric vehicles with petrol-fueled cars. Thus they focus on the long-time savings they can make with electric vehicles. That’s what is changing the customer’s preferences for buying electric cars. Moreover, you can purchase used cars in Dubai at an affordable price.

A car engineer from a leading carmaking brand states that drivers can save plenty of cash with electric automobiles.

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Gaining Popularity

With the rising electric car purchasing trend, EVs will become the popular vehicles of the future because there is an improvement in consumer perception leading to an increase in electric vehicle purchases.

As per the latest scientific survey, almost half of all the UAE’s citizens plan to shift toward electric automobiles. The research also shows consumers are optimistic about hybrid and electric car deals. That’s because the complete loop of charging, traveling, and recharging the electric vehicles offers better fuel affordability and the minimum carbon emissions for each kilometer you drive them. Thus, you can search for electric vehicles to buy pre-owned cars in Dubai.

The Petrol Price Hike Leading to Electric Vehicle Purchases

Relying on the car category you drive, the average price of completely fueling your car is rising. Thus, completely charging the electric vehicle’s battery will reduce the car’s running expenses.

A senior manager at Toyota hybrid sales team conveyed that electric car sales are continuously increasing every year from 2016 ahead, with thirty-three percent growth in 2017, fourteen percent in 2018, one hundred and forty-seven percent in 2019, fifty-two percent in 2020, and one hundred and eight percent growth in 2021.

Electric vehicles are becoming highly popular in the UAE, with twenty percent demand ever since the previous year.

The difficulties experienced by electric automobiles.

The Electric Vehicles Set to Get Government’s Approval

The EV market in the UAE is still rising, regardless of their rules over the past years, making it easy to buy electric vehicles, adding to the rise in the number of charging points. Also, there are cost-free Salik and reserved car parking places in Dubai.

While the UAE’s government is promoting the sale and purchase of electric vehicles, they are creating rules which will introduce more electric cars on the UAE’s highways.

Plenty of public transport automobiles are shifting towards hybrid models. A leading expert at a transportation company in UAE states that a nationwide strategy is required, which should endorse the incentives to buy pre-owned cars in Dubai.