Step By Step Hello Kitty Kids Drawing Images

Step By Step Hello Kitty Kids Drawing Images

Kids Drawing Images step-by-step drawing instructions and a video tutorial will show you how to design a fantastic-looking Hello Kitty face. A well-known Japanese cartoon character is called Hello Kitty. To add some cuteness to your life, learn to draw a Hello Kitty face.

Since Hello Kitty is a kawaii character, she personifies cuteness. Kawaii is a Japanese aesthetic emphasizing adorable, entertaining, and youthful items. Since kawaii items are so well-liked, you can find them everywhere, including in the United States.

Simple Hello Kitty Kids Drawing Images

Hello, Kitty enjoys meeting new people like you. Keroppi the frog, Monkichi the monkey, and Gudetama the lazy egg are a few of her buddies. She also has a Mimmy, her identical twin sister. Since Hello Kitty is so well-known, she has a lot of goods. You can request Hello Kitty-themed toys, books, games, and clothing for your upcoming birthday.

A cartoon Hello Kitty face is one of the simplest images to draw if you’re a beginner artist. The famous picture of Hello Kitty is created using straight lines and forms. This manual could also be a break from designing more intricate diagrams.

Easy Hello Kitty Drawing

Yellow and pink are the only colors you need to color Hello Kitty. A cutesy background can be added, such as fluffy clouds or pink sparkles. To demonstrate your adoration for Hello Kitty to everyone, hang this drawing in your room.

Starting with a pencil sketch will allow you to edit as you go. If at all possible, avoid using notebook paper by using a blank piece of white paper instead.

Hello Kitty Drawing

Can you believe that Hello Kitty, a fictional character, was invented more than 40 years ago? That shows some perseverance. Students can learn how to draw Hello Kitty in just a few easy steps if her lovely picture attracts them. This step-by-step guide is not only simple to download, but it also has a new feature. You can directly connect to my YouTube video by scanning the QR code in the first step. Students can easily watch me sketch Hello Kitty first or follow along simultaneously. New drawing instruction options are always a nice thing!


  • Sketching Paper: You can purchase this delicious product in large quantities and at a discount.
  • Pencils: This brand always creates excellent black lines, which I appreciate.
  • Marker, black: You may get a deep black tone by using a permanent marker.
  • Crayons: The extra color options in the larger packs are wonderful.

Step-by-Step Hello Kitty Drawing

  • Begin your Hello Kitty cartoon face with an oval. Keep the top bare. Draw with broad strokes to resemble a Minnie Mouse illustration.
  • In the center, draw two ovals and fill them in.
  • Draw a third oval between your eyes. On the top of the skull, draw a curve.
  • Draw a rounded triangle for the left ear to depict Jiji as the cat.
  • Follow the same procedure for the right ear, after which draw a circle.
  • Draw the bow with broad, rounded triangles that resemble Hello Kitty’s entire body.
  • Make the cartoon bow looped.
  • Draw lines for the left-side whiskers.
  • Repeat the procedure for the right-side whiskers.

To finish the drawing, outline the Hello Kitty face with black. Create a strong cartoon outline with a thick pen or paintbrush.