Ranking The 11 Shortest WWE Wrestlers Of All Time

Ranking The 11 Shortest WWE Wrestlers Of All Time

Wrestlers like Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan, Eddie Guerrero, Tyson Kidd and many more proved that you can make it in the wrestling business without an athletic construct. We look back at the 15 shortest WWE wrestlers of all time primarily based now not only on their height but their achievements and accolades in sports enjoyment. Click here https://wejii.com/

1. Hornswoggle: 4’5

Standing at 4’5, Hornswoggle is the smallest wrestler ever. Despite being the smallest wrestler on WWE’s roster, Hornswoggle’s wrestling abilities have been pretty mind-blowing, such that he has become the organization’s remaining Cruiserweight Champion.

During his tenure in WWE, Hornswoggle feuded with well-known wrestlers which include Rey Mysterio, The Miz, and Chavo Guerrero.

2. Drake Maverick Five’4

While Drake Maverick has been wrestling for some time, his first fulfillment got here with TNA, wrestling below the moniker Rockstar Spud. However, it’s far with WWE that Drake Maverick might emerge as a worldwide sensation.

With the Purple emblem, 205 Live could serve as the logo’s trendy supervisor before everything, before beginning a long-running feud with R-Truth for the 205 Live Drake Maverick 24/7 Championship name.

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3. Spike Dudley: Five-Five

On his debut night, Spike Dudley would interfere in a match to assist his brothers to capture the WWF World Tag Team Championship from Christian and Edge.

This would mark the creation of Spike Dudley in WWE. For months to come back, Spike Dudley might battle as a face, forming a brief tag team to take on his brothers.

4. Kalisto: Five’6

Being one of the smallest wrestlers in WWE, Kalisto is based heavily on his excessive-flying fashion of wrestling and quickness. While he would not have the electricity or height to healthy other wrestlers and the WWE, Kalisto’s pace makes him one of the maximum risky wrestlers in WWE.

The one-time United States Champion, Kalisto’s profession appeared to be leaning more in the direction of the tag group division.

5. Rey Mysterio: 5’6

With a height of five’6, Rey Mysterio is one of the shortest wrestlers not only in WWE but in sports activities and entertainment. Nevertheless, what Rey Mysterio lacks in top and length, he greater than makes up for in his combating spirit and abilities.

Mysterio began his expert wrestling schooling at a younger age beneath the steering of his uncle, Rey Mysterio Sr.

6. Evan Bourne: Five’7

One of the most thrilling stars in sports activities enjoyment, many WWE and WCW fanatics will extensively remember Ivan for his high-flying style and trademark pinnacle rope finisher “Air Born”. Bourne came into the limelight after the merger of WCW and WWE.

He became later nominated for a Slammy Award, which he received once more in the course of his first yr. Teaming with Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne became a household name in WWE and gained a massive following within the system.

7. Funaki: 5’7

One of the finest Japanese wrestlers of all time, Funaki’s WWE profession spanned over a decade. For a huge portion of his wrestling profession, Funaki wrestled inside the lower card, in which he adopted the “SmackDown No. 1 Announcer” gimmick.

During this time, Funaki could do backstage interviews while competing in WWE’s cruiserweight division.

8. Sin Cara: 5’7

During his early years, many wrestling fans believed that Sin Cara turned into the rightful inheritor of Rey Mysterio’s throne. His excessive-flying fashion and acrobatics within the ring made him a fan favored, leading to the development of a cult following in WWE.

One of the maximum well-known luchadors, the authentic Sin Cara began getting to know the ropes in Mexico at a completely young age.

9. Eddie Guerrero: Five-Eight

If there’s one wrestler who has mastered the artwork of dishonesty, it must be Eddie Guerrero. Eddie in particular discovered a way to win matches that were not in his preferred.

At one factor, Eddie even attempted to recruit his nephew Chavo Guerrero inside the manner growing one in all the most important feuds in WWE.

Unlike Eddie, Chavo turned into a wrestler who usually desired to win suits truthful and square and as a consequence did not undertake the strategies that his uncle had followed.

10. Brian Kendrick: Five’8

Brian Kendrick commenced his education at the Shawn Michaels Academy in which he labored inside the trenches. While he was the youngest wrestler at the academy, Kendrick saved working and finally graduated from the faculty.

11. Tajiri: Five-Nine

During his WWE debut in 2001, Tajiri stood out for his excellent in-ring abilities and in-ring paintings.

Three-time Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri became inclined to leap to more heights to win the match, even though it meant the use of an unlawful maneuver called the Asian Haze wherein a pink or inexperienced haze turned into positioned inside the opponent’s eyes. Spitting turned into involved.