Pellet Stoves: How They Work, the Types and Advantages


A pellet stove is a kind of stove that you can consider as an environmentally friendly option that is not only convenient but also cost-effective. A wood pellet stove has all the qualities that you need, and the best thing is it exhibits all these qualities at a proper level. A wood pellet stove has the same layout as that of a traditional fireplace and wood-burning stove. 

A pellet burning stove or pellet stove inserts are unique modern electronic appliances that can provide an affordable and more environmentally friendly option for indoor heating. In this guide, you will learn how pellet stoves work, what are the different types of pellet stoves and many more. 

How Does a Wood Pellet Stove Work?

A wood pellet stove works in the following ways: 

  • With the use of electricity 

A wood pellet stove operation is said to be dependent on electricity. The hopper is usually loaded with pellets from the top or the bottom part of the unit. Inside the stove, you can find a long screw-like part that you can call the auger. It is used for getting the pellets to the burn pot after leaving the hopper. 

The auger is said to be a motorized device. As a result, the temperature of the stove is determined by its speed. After that, the burn pot will be kindled from its housing in the combustion chamber. The pellets are pushed under immense pressure inside the burn pot to form a much hotter flame due to low pressure and high density. 

Before you opt for pellet stove inserts, know that the pot mixes the air and fuel to combust and initiate the burning process. The burn pot works as the stove’s carburettor, and after that, the burnt pellets are dropped down to the ash pot in the form of ashes. The ash pot also has to be regularly washed. 

  • As a type of burning agent 

A pellet-burning stove also uses a specific type of wood known as the wood pellet. After this, the pellets are produced by sawmills as a by-product; they are usually made of recycled sawdust and wood shavings. They also have a slight resemblance to rabbit food.

Wood pellets are easy to produce, and the process is also affordable, which makes them eco-friendly. The pollution rate is also low, and pellets can be made from corn and grass. The ones that cannot be used in stoves are specially intended for use by wood pellets. 

What Are the Types of Wood Pellet Stoves? 

If you are interested in fireplaces for sale, you must also know the types of wood pellet stoves; the wood pellet stoves come in two forms: 

  • Insert stoves 
  • Free-standing stoves.

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