How to Know If it’s Time to Move From Shared to VPS Server in India?

How to Know If it’s Time to Move From Shared to VPS Server in India?

The choice of a web hosting type is crucial when taking your business online. Usually, small businesses and websites choose a shared hosting plan at the start. The reason for choosing this plan is that this is easy to use, affordable, convenient, and gives all most all the things that a beginner website needs. But after time this server cannot handle your website requirements, so you want to move to another server.

The next natural step after shared hosting is the virtual private server (VPS). This server is a little expensive in comparison to the shared server but they are worth it. Because They give more benefits and features in comparison to a shared. But the confusion is when is the correct time to buy a VPS Plan from a reputable provider in India.

Dont worry! You get an answer to this question in this article. As we will discuss some signs that give an idea of its time to move to a VPS server in India. So carefully read out the complete article. 

About VPS Server

VPS server is also a type of web hosting service. It’s a combination of shared and dedicated servers. In a VPS server, a small part of the server is given to a client to host their website with the help of virtualization technology. VPS is the best option after a shared server. Because they can easily fulfill all the website requirements. 

Along with VPS, you have also another option which is a “dedicated server”. But the best choice is a VPS server. Because a dedicated server is expensive in comparison to a virtual server and most people choose that one. You will get better reliability, security, and performance with the Best VPS hosting plans in India in comparison to a shared server.

Further, a VPS is a great option for game makers, Saas providers, programmers, or for those who have outgrown their shared hosting plans or who are looking for a more secure and affordable backup solution.

3 Signs That Give an Idea its Time to Move Shared to VPS Hosting in India 

3 Signs That Give an Idea its Time to Move Shared to VPS Hosting in India 

Many business owners are confused about when is the right time to buy the best VPS Hosting plans in India. So to clear this confusion, below there are three points that give a clear sign that your website needs VPS plans. So carefully read out the following signs.

You Are Getting a Lot of Traffic 

This is one of the first reasons that most business owners switch from a shared and move towards VPS hosting. A shared server only handles a low to medium traffic volume. Also on this server, you can share server resources with other websites which can affect your website’s speed. At that time a VPS server gives a better performance to your websites and applications. It easily handles traffic that a shared server can’t handle. 

You Want to Install an Application That Your Shared Hosting Account Doesn’t Allow You to

Shared hosting plans only give limited freedom to install any application. You cannot install many apps on your shared plans because the modules are not available. On the other hand, if you move through a VPS server plan in India then you can easily install any application that you required. Further, in a shared hosting plan you cannot have the right to choose a PHP version, because it is chosen by a hosting provider. But with the help of VPS hosting plans you can install any PHP modules that you want. 

When you need more resources for emails, databases, FTP accounts, etc

Generally, shared hosting plans only allow you to maintain a limited number of email addresses & mailing options. This also applies to FTP accounts, databases, and any other resources. On the other side in a VPS plan, you will get more bandwidth and disk space and you will get scalability.  

What Will You Get if You Move to a VPS Server in India 

If you planning to buy the Best VPS hosting from a reputable provider in India then you get some benefits. Below we discuss these benefits and responsibilities so read out carefully before buying the plans for VPS servers. 

From Automation to Administration 

In shared hosting plans you will get automation which means all the server-related tasks will be done by your web hosting provider. Whereas in a VPS server, you can get the administration of your server and you can configure it according to your needs in India. Such as you have the right to set up any non-standard configurations and software that you required. 

Further, if you forget to install any important security update so no one can install it you can do it yourself. In simple means, we can say that you can take care of your server.  

SSH Root access

If you are planning to buy the Best VPS hosting plan in India then you must be knowledgeable about using root access. However, this looks like a tough task and you may be worried that you ruin your server. Take time and do proper research to gather information. If you have any questions then you can ask your service provider. Further, you have a right to change some configuration settings with the help of root access. 

Now you are a system administrator then you must try a command line interface. Also, you can set up a secure shell in your VPS plans in India. Further don’t forget to add an IP address. If you cannot use it prior then this would be risky. Don’t stress you will get free tutorials on the internet so you can easily do them. 

Don’t Forgot Backups & Snapshots

Backups are very important so make sure that site and cpanel backups are available to your websites and clients. So if you host your website on a VPS server you can prepare a schedule of security and backup solution for your website. By moving to a VPS server plan in India, you can create snapshots of the server. Snapshots mean this is the copy of your entire server. However, you cannot rely completely on these snapshots. You can use this in an emergency time. 


There is always a time comes when a shared server can’t fulfill all the website requirements. But the main question is how to know when is the correct time. To clear up your confusion we discuss some points that give an idea that its a time to upgrade a server such as:- 

  • Increasing traffic volume 
  • Site performance drops 
  • Need for specialized services 

After discussing the signs the next confusion was after a shared which server you can choose. And we have answered that the best server is VPS after the shared server. When you buy a VPS server from a reputable web hosting company in India the following benefits you will get:-

  • Better Security
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Scalability
  • Greater Control

I think you are clear about when to move from a shared to a VPS server with the help of this article.