Get your adrenaline pumping with ATV in jaipur!

ATV in jaipur

ATV- the two-wheeled, all-terrain vehicle that’s just right for exploring the wild outdoors! If you’re looking to try something fun and exciting while on your holiday in jaipur, this is an experience you simply can’t miss out on! Get your adrenaline pumping with ATV in jaipur by booking from banbanjara!

Where can you go?

Atv Jaipur makes it easier than ever to get on an atv and go. Their fleet of 100+ well-maintained 4 wheelers is sure to get you up close and personal with some of Jaipur’s most spectacular sights. From their 120+ different routes, we recommend picking one that takes you off road and into nature where you can take pictures of breath-taking natural beauty.

How are rides organized?

The main type of expeditions available at most parks are half-day rides. For example, here at Jaisamand Lake there is a nice ATV ride that takes you to see sights such as: temples, waterfalls and other geological formations. If you want to do a full day adventure then you can go for overnight riding. This allows you to get closer to nature and take in all the sights from a different perspective on 2 wheels.

On what days and times can you go?

At times, it is quite hard to find out at what times you can go for an adventure sport. However, if you are making arrangements to go for a ride on an ATV, it is better that you check at what times they will be open as these activities take place in certain timings. It is best that you make a phone call and ask when it would be convenient for you to visit them.

Can I use my own vehicle instead?

While it might seem more exciting to use a custom-built dune buggy, there are two big reasons why you should go for an ATV (all-terrain vehicle). First, they’re safer. They’re smaller and lighter than cars, meaning they get stuck less easily on sand or lose control of their balance when tackling rough terrain. Secondly, rent is much cheaper. On average you can expect to pay around Rs 200 (about $3) per hour.

What can you expect on your ride?

Our Jaipur ATV tour starts right after we drop you off at our off-road training center. Our expert team will give you a brief overview of safe ATV riding and useful tips to make sure you have an unforgettable experience. After training, get ready for a rousing adventure as we take to rocky terrain and dusty trails, where speed is limited only by how much courage you can muster up!

How long will my ride be?

It all depends on what you choose. If you opt for a three-hour tour, you’ll get to complete 5–6 laps around our course. Our two-hour tour will get you 4–5 laps around, and a one-hour ride is 3 laps. All tours begin at 6:30 pm and depart on the hour.

Can kids also participate?

Yes, kids are welcome to participate too. The minimum age limit is 8 years. If you have kids between 8–15 years of age, then their weight should be 20–40 kgs. Make sure that they are fit enough to ride an ATV for an hour without any discomfort and without them complaining about any pain or nausea.

How much does it cost to drive an ATV in Jaipur?

An All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is a motorized off-road vehicle. As there are no standards or control of manufacture and sales, it has led to production of many illegal ‘knock-offs’ which lack necessary features such as low gearing and suspension components. But don’t worry, they will not be let loose on Jaipur roads or used on any organized track. You can rent an ATV from just Rs 500 per hour to Rs 1500 for around 3 hours.

Is there safety gear involved in these activities?

Since some of these adventures involve speed, height and rough terrains, there’s definitely a need for safety gear. Don’t worry though – each activity is designed to ensure that everyone has fun and makes it back home safe. A helmet will be provided as well as knee pads, elbow pads and water proof sunscreen. But be sure to double check what you’ll need before you set out on an adventure.

How safe is this sport, really?

I recommend doing all you can to keep yourself safe, and making sure that you know how to behave properly on an ATV if you do decide to buy one. Here are some safety tips:

1) Make sure that you’re familiar with what type of terrain is best for each different vehicle—and stick to it.

2) If at all possible, I would suggest getting a co-driver who knows what they’re doing.


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