EPDM – Uses, Characteristics, And Advantages

EPDM Gasket

EPDM Gaskets are produced by using foam, sponge, or solid rubber materials. Because each material has a different molecular structure, EPDM gaskets can have physical characteristics like hardness and chemical resistance to meet the requirements of numerous applications.

What is EPDM Gasket?

EPDM Gasket is a type of elastic rubber made up of ethylene, propylene, and diene that is used to waterproof a terrace, with very good results. The material to the naked eye is a kind of black flexible rubber, similar to a car wheel, but much thinner.

Is EPDM Waterproofing The Same As A Butyl Rubber Sheet?

Yes. Some people call EPDM Butyl because they are practically the same product. Both products are made of rubber. The only thing that differentiates them is the type of polymer that they contain in their composition. Butyl is priced higher, but when it comes to usage, they both perform exactly the same.

Main Uses Of Epdm Waterproofing Membrane

  • EPDM sheets can be supplied in large modules of up to 800 square meters, without joints.
  • If requested, you can even order an EPDM piece cut to size, virtually solving the seamless cover.
  • This makes them ideal for waterproofing large surfaces, such as the roofs of shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, etc.
  • They are even used to waterproof irrigation ponds, ponds, swimming pools and reservoirs with millions of litres of water, the membrane remaining outdoors for many years and withstanding extreme temperatures without wearing out.
  • They are also used in places where you want to build green roofs because the EPDM sheet is already anti-root in itself.

What Are The Advantages Of Waterproofing A Roof With This Epdm Rubber Membrane?

Its duration is superior to that of bituminous blankets (asphalt sheet). It also supports heat better, without rusting or degrading.

You don’t rely too much on the skill of the workforce. These sheets are delivered by large pieces almost to measure, with the same thickness, on the entire surface.

The quality of this material provides the best resistance to ozone and ultraviolet radiation.

Its market is growing unstoppably. EPDM lasts a long time. They give a 20-year outdoor guarantee.

What Are The Characteristics of  EPDM Gasket?

It is a flexible and highly elastic material. It does not cause structural problems due to movements, breaks or half rounds (encounters with walls). Instead with asphalt fabrics, PVC, and other materials if you can have these problems.

You can use the quick joint system, which makes it safer: Primer is applied, and then neither interior putty nor exterior putty. The paper is removed and the adhesive remains.

With this system, it is easy and safe to waterproof singular points: drains, corners, and pipes that come out…

As it is made from recycled rubber, there is no paving breakage. When you drive a screw into the EPDM, you tighten it and it stays tight. It has accessories for this, such as flashing, which is a kind of chewing gum that adapts and allows you to make a continuous sheet, even if you have pivoted from solar panels or antennas there.

There is a system to make the EPDM passable in rehabilitation, and also with a system of recycled and ecological material: recycled rubber tiles, formed by recycling old shredded tires. This will make it very resistant to footsteps.