Discover the Elegance of Unique & Co at Forum Jewellers

Unique & Co

Renowned for its innovative approach to jewellery design, Unique & Co has been a leading family-owned brand since 1999, catering to both men and women with contemporary tastes. The collections at Forum Jewellers reflect the brand’s commitment to global inspirations, cultural richness, and precision craftsmanship, resulting in pieces celebrated for their timeless elegance and superior quality.

Elegant Simplicity Meets Ornate Design

Unique & Co excels in blending the simplicity of modern design with the intricacy of decorative elements. The brand’s use of a variety of materials, including the luster of sterling silver, the texture of fine leathers, the durability of titanium, and the brilliance of cubic zirconia and mother of pearl, creates a luxurious everyday jewellery experience. Their range of necklaces, pendants, and bracelets is designed to offer both functionality and flair.

Leading the Way in Men’s Jewellery

Unique & Co’s men’s jewellery collection has been a standout in the industry. The collection includes robust and stylish bracelets, pendants, and rings made from materials like tungsten, steel, and titanium, some featuring the added sophistication of diamonds. These pieces showcase Unique & Co’s dedication to offering diverse and on-trend jewellery options for men.

Explore Unique & Co’s World at Forum Jewellers

Forum Jewellers in Broadstone, Poole, is excited to feature an extensive collection of Unique & Co’s jewellery. We invite you to experience the unique blend of craftsmanship and style that the brand offers. Visit us in-store or contact us at 01202 600 350 to explore the distinct elegance and modern charm of Unique & Co.


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