Chikmagalur: A quick travel guide to this beautiful place



Nearly all visitors to this picturesque town fall in love with Chikmagalur’s calm and pleasant ambiance, which complements the sweeping valleys that are dotted with energising coffee plants. Many coffee enthusiasts and nature lovers who enjoy exploring this peaceful town, which formerly served as a melting pot of several cultures, have this lovely location on their bucket lists. Chikmagalur, which is home to several attractions nearby, entices visitors with its timeless beauty, which mixes sweeping valleys, lush greenery, glittering rivers, and fragrant coffee estates.


Mullayanagiri is one of the reasons Chikmagalur is one of the top tourist destinations in Karnataka; here, visitors can go on nature trails and adventure treks. These events promote tourism in Chikmagalur and elevate the city as a destination. There are many locations in Chikmagalur that provide spectacular views of the mountains and emerald-colored landscapes with a lot of coffee plants. One of the biggest producers of coffee in India is located in this region, which is referred to as Karnataka’s “coffee land.”


Popular Chikmagalur Tourist Attractions


Hebbe Falls:

This stunning waterfall is around 10 kilometres from the centre of the city and provides a breathtaking view of the Kemmangundi hill station. This magnificent waterfall produces two distinct waterfalls: Dodda Hebbe (Big Falls) and Chikka Hebbe (Small Falls). The lush forest that envelops the waterfall contributes to the relaxing and comforting atmosphere of this location.


Baba Budan Giri:

also known as Chandra Drona Parvatha, is a wonderful location to the north of Chikmagalur town that features a number of fascinating caverns and picturesque vantage points that provide breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks and valleys. At this location, visitors can go hiking, trekking, and enjoy nature trails.



This hill, which is close to 2000 metres high and encircled by scenic valleys and emerald coffee gardens, is the highest point in Karnataka. Since this mountain summit is devoted to Lord Shiva, many hikers make the long ascent to the top to make prayers to the deity. Exotic plants and perilous hills mix to create this location’s lovely surroundings.


Activities in Chikmagalur


  • Tourists can visit this location, which is famed for its coffee and spice farms, to take a tranquil stroll among the fragrant gardens.
  • The year-round nice weather in Chikmagalur draws visitors from all over the nation to take in the area’s tranquilly and cool air.
  • There are several vintage bungalows, homestays, and plantation resorts in this area, giving visitors many options for leisurely vacations in the comfort of a serene valley.
  • Visitors to this alluring location can experience the stunning waterfalls, woodland ranges, and coffee plantations while trekking, taking nature hikes, and hiking.
  • From Chikmagalur, travellers can easily travel to holy destinations like Sringeri, Horanadu, and Balehonnur.
  • Coffee Day’s corporate offices and coffee research station are both located in Chikmagalur. Therefore, travellers must go to this village to see how the coffee is made.

Transportation Data

By Air:

The closest airports are in cities with good road connections near Chikmagalur, such as Bangalore (245 kilometres), Mangalore (152 kilometres), and Maysore (178 kilometres).


By Rail:

The closest railway stations are in Birur, Kadur, and Tarikere, and from these stations, amenities like bus service and cabs are easily accessible.


By Road:

Chikmagalur has good access to the road network thanks to the two national highways that go through its region. This hill station is connected to other significant Karnataka cities by regular bus service and taxis.

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Optimal Season


October through April


Places To Stay


Chikmagalur is the ideal location for you to unwind while surrounded by hills and flowers. It is a location that deserves to be included on the list of the most stunning places in Karnataka. Weekend visitors to this exotic village come to take advantage of the great weather, which is serene and peaceful all year long. There are several lovely hotels and homestays in Chikmagalur that provide exquisite amenities to fulfil the needs of visitors. Following are some of the most pleasant places to stay in Chikmagalur.


Hotel Rajmahal 

Athithi Home Stay 

FJ Comforts Inn 

Honeyvale Homestay 

Eagle Eye Holiday Resort


Overview of Packages


You can take a break from thriving in Bangalore’s concrete jungle by organising a trip to Chikmagalur.Trip packages from Bangalore to Chikmagalur contain everything, from a cosy lodging in the middle of nature to exciting activities.


Bangalore to Chikmagalur vacation packages include a variety of activities that have been carefully chosen to keep you entertained. With trip packages from Holidays DNA, you may enjoy a bonfire and camping among the hills. To make your stay more enjoyable, you also receive a complementary welcome drink and a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne or wine.

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