How to Download the CA Foundation Mock Test Papers from the ICAI Website?

Download ICAI CA Foundation Mock Test Papers

To excel in the challenging CA Foundation exam, students must be familiar with the exam pattern and level of difficulty. One way to achieve this is by practising with the mock test papers provided by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) on their official website. 

These mock tests give students a clear understanding of the marking scheme and difficulty level of questions, which helps them to plan their strategies accordingly and score well in the actual exam. Hence, ICAI mock test papers are an essential tool for students preparing for the CA Foundation exams.

If you are preparing for the CA Foundation Exams and want to score good marks then ICAI mock test papers will definitely help you. In this article, we will guide you on how to download the CA Foundation mock test papers from the ICAI website and provide you with some tips to practice ICAI mock tests.

Moreover, students can also download the CA Foundation question papers of the past 5 attempts from the VSI Jaipur website.

Steps to Download CA Foundation Mock Test Papers with answer key

You can easily download the mock test for CA foundation exam preparation from the ICAI website by following these steps:

Step – 1: Visit the ICAI Bos Portal to get the CA Foundation Mock test

To download the CA Foundation mock test papers, visit the official website of ICAI at Click on the ‘Student’ tab and select the ‘Bos Knowledge Portal’ option. Then click on ‘Click here to visit BoS Knowledge Portal.’ You will land on the Bos Knowledge Portal page.

 Step – 2: Go to the Mock Test Paper Series Section in ICAI Bos Portal

On the Bos Knowledge Portal page, you will see a section called ‘Mock Test Paper Series.’ Click on it. You will land on the mock test paper series page.

Step – 3: Select the Series for the CA Foundation Mock test

On the mock test paper series page, you will see two options: Series 1 and Series 2. Select any one of the series and click on ‘click here’ to go to the paper section.

 Step – 4: Click on Question under each paper to download the CA Foundation Mock test PDF

In the paper section, you will see the ‘Question’ option for question papers and ‘Answer’ for the answer key under each paper. Click on them to download the CA Foundation mock test paper with the answer key in PDF format. Save it for future use.

 Follow these 6 Tips While Practicing ICAI CA Foundation Papers

  • Practice mock tests in an ICAI exam-like environment: Create a CA foundation exam-like environment while practising the ICAI mock tests. Sit in a quiet room with no distractions and a timer set to the exam duration.
  • Practice CA Foundation mock tests in time boundation: Time management is a crucial factor in the CA Foundation exam. Practice the mock tests within the given time limit.
  • Review your performance: After completing the practice question paper, review your performance and identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Minimize the mistakes in every next attempt: Analyze your mistakes after every question paper and work on them to minimize them in the next attempt.
  • Practice other mock tests with ICAI mock tests: Apart from ICAI mock tests, practice other mock tests available in the market. It helps in understanding types of questions and improve your speed and accuracy.

About VSI Jaipur’s CA Foundation Classes 

VSI is one of the best CA institutes in India which is known for its excellent performance in CA Foundation Exams. VSI follows a success-assured study pattern that helps students score good marks in CA Foundation every year. VSI’s CA Foundation course is of 4 months and VSI follows 3 steps success-assured pattern in its course, which is as follows:

CA Foundation Classes 

CA Foundation Classes at VSI are taught by professional faculty with a result-oriented approach in limited batch size. Due to this, every student can finish their course on time. Timely completion of the syllabus gives every student ample time for revisions and practice mock test papers. So, they can score well in the exam.

Mock Test Paper

VSI understands that it is very important for students to know about the pattern and difficulty level of the CA Foundation exam, Apart from that students can choose effective way to solve paper at the final exams. Therefore VSI conducts mock test series based on the ICAI pattern regularly.

Personalized Guidance

After every Mock test series, VSI’s experienced counsellors guide every student as per their performance in the mock test series and help them to overcome their weaknesses.


It is very important for every student to prepare for CA Foundation with ICAI-approved material. Now, you know how to download CA Foundation mock test from the ICAI website. So download and practice mock tests from the ICAI website and convert your weaknesses into your strengths. Also, you can join VSI Jaipur institute to prepare for the CA Foundation exams.