Why Buying Royal Enfield is the Best Decision!

Why Buying Royal Enfield is the Best Decision!

Royal Enfield is a familiar name to the bikers! And we claim buying Royal Enfield is the best investment! Why? One of the most well-known motorbike brands in the Indian market is Royal Enfield. Royal Enfield presently holds the top spot in the market segment in which it competes after accruing a considerable market share over time. It has graced the market for over 70 glorious years with its design, performance and durability. 

Getting a bike is almost every youth’s dream! Who doesn’t love to flaunt a glamorous bike that compels you to turn every head on the road? But the quality of the bike and bike accessories are to be kept in mind. 

Moreover, without the right accessories vehicle rides doesn’t seem comfortable enough. Along with the safety accessories there are several modification accessories that every Royal Enfield owner should check out. Royal Enfield bikes are a true head-Turner! And continental GT 650 accessories cut the mustard in every aspect!

Quick Reasons for Buying Royal Enfield at a Glance: 

  • Smooth design. 
  • Extraordinary performance. 
  • Unparalleled road experience.
  • Long-lasting. 
  • Worth the investment. 

Classic Performance: 

The tagline says, “Jab Bullet Chale toh Duniya Raasta De” ( When you drive a bullet, the world makes way for you). Truly, Royal Enfield is one of the most elegantly designed bikes of all time. This beast comes in different varieties, such as the Royal Enfield Bullet, Classic 350, Classic 500, Royal Enfield Thunderbird, Meteor 350, Interceptor 650, Continental and others. 

Moreover, the company is constantly evolving with more cutting-edge technology. Even with a bigger 350 cc to 550 cc engine, a Royal Enfield will quickly provide you with a mileage of 30-35 kilometres per litre. The comfortable leather seats are just what you need for longer rides! 

Head Spinning Design: 

Enfield takes the retro look one level up! A Royal Enfield has a thumping single-cylinder motor and retro-styled aesthetics that adds to its overall charm. Retro aesthetics is what takes the attention of everyone. 

The all-metal body of these bikes serves two benefits: 

1. It lasts for decades! It’s worth the investment!  

2. Fewer plastics lessen the chances of malfunctioning and add to the environmental causes. 

Moreover, it is customisable. All you need is an expert hand to give it the look you want without affecting its performance. You can build it to your heart’s content without spending a fortune. 

Stellar Rides: 

A true blue bike enthusiast never settles for less, and RE never offers less! Any wind speed that a RE rider encounters will not cause it to stumble. Given its giant build of over 190 kilos and the fact that the typical rider weighs 75 kilos, the motorcycles are easy to keep in place on the road. They are fit to ride in adverse weather conditions. Wait! Add the low-end torque with it, which means fewer gear changes. It’s ruling the market by all fair means.


Royal has been in the market for more than 70 years! Although previously owned by British people, RE became an Indian corporation in 1994 after being acquired by Eicher Motors. It touched the road for the first time by the Indian Army for highway patrol in 1955. Later, the business was booming in carving out a special place in the hearts of bikers. 

Even a decade before, the popularity was different. The youths didn’t usually choose it for their vacations because they preferred sleek, fashionable bikes. Only a tiny number were sold each year. Due to declining revenues, even RE was finally closing its doors. 

A few years later, significant technical and visual changes were made, and as a result, Royal Enfield is likely the most famous motorbike on the Indian market today. Siddhartha Lal, the CEO of RE, entered the picture and significantly contributed to making it one of the most exciting motorcycles for Indians. His marketing techniques, such as supporting cross-country races and mountain biking, enabled the business to overcome all challenges and emerge as a significant force in the Indian automotive industry. 

Suitable For Rough Roads:

Adventure seekers want to sip the taste of riding under challenging conditions! Well, there’s no better companion than RE. It is exclusively built for rough roads and adverse weather. It gives the unique pleasure of riding in Leh, Ladakh and other hills. 

Several brands are available, but everyone unanimously agrees that RE is the best for long, adventurous rides! 

Final Thoughts: 

All these reasons justify why buying Royal Enfiled is the best decision ever. Moreover, the vehicle also needs proper Maintainance to hit the road confidently. Carorbis is there to help you with all your automobile-related requirements. The platform is known for customer-friendly services. For free shipping, quick delivery, a 24/7 helpline, and many more exciting offers, log on to it!

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