5 Best Asian Food Recipes You Can Make At Home

Asian Food Recipes

Each nation takes pride in the wide variety of mouthwatering foods it has to give. Let’s go on Asian Food Recipes today! Simple components like rice, portions of pasta, fruits, and vegetables are elevated into unique dishes in Asian cooking using special herbs and seasonings.

There are many options for your Asian Food Recipes, including Indian naan, Chinese stir-fry, and Japanese noodle dishes. There’s no need to order takeout when you can make these basic Asian meals! Making your favorite Asian food recipes at home is very simple.

If you are unaware of how to make these dishes, don’t worry. Here is the solution for you. Here we describe the top 5 best Asian food recipes that are easy to make at home. So let’s go on the recipe.

Best Asian Food Recipes 

1. Broccoli in Chinese with Oyster Sauce

Don’t be misled by the dish’s name simplicity. This dish involved steamed Chinese broccoli dipped in a garlic-ginger oyster sauce. Although it seems simple, it is flavorful. The Sauce is what makes this dish very good. It goes below ordinary oyster sauce.

The oyster sauce combines onion, ginger, tomato sauce, Soy sauce, olive oil, and honey. But if you can’t find Chinese broccoli, don’t bother. Broccoli leaves can easily be replaced with them. So make these recipes as a starter for your whole family dinner.

2. Fish with Southeast Asian Sauce 

Enjoy fish fillets that melt in your mouth that have been grilled with fish sauce and sesame oil. The finest way to enjoy this Asian food recipe plate is with a spicy and sweet sauce garnished with fresh red chilies and coriander.

To make this dish, you need first to Marinate the fish fillet. Cook fish on the grill. For making Sauce, Boil fresh garlic, salt, ginger, and rice vinegar for a few minutes. Add freshly chopped coriander and red chili before turning off the heat. Pour Southeast Asian Sauce over the heated fish before serving.

3. Japanese vegetable curry

Here is a delicious new vegetarian meal suggestion for you! This Asian food recipe is flavorful and nutritious. This dish will fulfill your stomach while attracting your sense of taste because it features sizable pieces of vegetables covered in a thick curry sauce.

Warm the oil. Add the onion and cook it until it turns a lovely golden color. Add the minced garlic and ginger, then cook for a few minutes. Then Add pieces of carrot and potatoes and sauté. 

Add water and boil the potatoes and carrots until they are soft. Add some ketchup, Sauce, soy sauce, apricots jellies, and pepper powder. Cook for an extra 10 minutes once the curry cubes have dissolved. Serve it and enjoy!

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4. Tofu avocado salad

This vegan, nutritious, no-cook tofu avocado salad has a flavorful Asian sauce that you can modify to your preferences. Cut the silken tofu into smaller pieces. Cut your avocados in half as well. To create pieces that are comparable in size to tofu slices. On a serving dish, alternately place slices of avocados and silken tofu.

Combined Finely chopped garlic and onion, tomato sauce, olive oil, honey, white pepper, water, and salt to taste should all be in a small bowl. Mix thoroughly, then sprinkle over the avocado and tofu. Serve after adding chopped spring onions as a garnish.

5. Thai Green Curry paste

Are you looking for a marinade with lots of flavors for your chicken, pig, and other cuts of meat? Use this Thai green curry paste once time. It is flavorful, delicious, and slightly spicy. Green chilies, fish sauce, coriander, ginger, lemon, and chilies are all ingredients in this curry paste.

It’s pretty simple to prepare this Sauce. Place every ingredient in a mixing bowl, and start blending. And it’s ready. Now, whenever you make a chicken-related item, you can serve it paste with it.


Asian food offers many delicious recipes that are simple to make at home, with items like rice, noodles, fruits, and vegetables. 

You may impress your family and friends with the help of the above Asian food recipes dishes such as Thai Green Curry Paste, Fish with Southeast Asian Sauce, Japanese Vegetable Curry, and Broccoli in Chinese with Oyster Sauce.

You can experience the authentic flavor of Asian food. Also, you can customize and modify it to suit your tastes by preparing these dishes at home.

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