Agastha vs Acumen EHR: A Complete Overview of Two Leading EHR Alternatives 2023!

Leading alternatives for the top tiers of EHR/EMR solutions include Agastha EHR Software and Acumen EHR Software. Users may experience information overload due to the abundance of healthcare options. However, Agastha EHR Software and Acumen EHR Software are the frontrunners among the many available alternatives to traditional EHR systems.

The healthcare community is still divided regarding the superiority of Agastha vs Acumen. The healthcare sector and satisfied patients have repeatedly demonstrated their confidence in the two systems.

Define your needs and objectives if you’re uncertain about which EHR/EMR is appropriate. This opens the door to picking an electronic medical record/health record system that works for you. Understand the key distinctions between Agastha vs Acumen EHR and make the best clinical decision possible.

Agastha EHR Software:

With its ONC-ATCB certification and HIPAA compliance, Agastha EHR Software is a reliable choice for any medical facility. Both on-premises and cloud deployment options are available for the solution. Practice management, electronic prescribing, and real-time claim profile and reporting are a few of the notable features and modules available on this platform.

Agastha EHR Software compiles patient data from databases at different clinics to provide users with access to a single interface. The voice-recognition functionality built into Agastha EHR features facilitates the recording of patient interactions, the creation of automated follow-up messages and reminders, and the development of individualized care plans.

Additionally, it can communicate with a wide range of medical facilities, including testing centers, clearinghouses, and pharmacies. Data cleansing, workflow design, and dashboard creation are all made possible for practitioners. In addition to a streamlined document management system, it provides specialized, editable templates.

Both the vendor’s practice planning and the electronic signature system can be integrated with Agastha EHR software. It also allows patients to sign up and make payments online.

Acumen EHR Software:

Acumen EHR Software is an all-inclusive platform explicitly designed for nephrologists. This cutting-edge system was developed with Nephrologists’ unique needs in mind. The functionality of Epic EHR is improved through a partnership with Acumen EHR software. This partnership allows doctors to network with top medical professionals, hospitals, labs, and even large pharmaceutical companies.

Additionally, the healthcare professionals utilizing Acumen 2.0 EHR Software have quick and simple access to care services, including Epic medical billing, patient portal, EMR, MyChart, etc., thanks to this collaborative environment. His customer-centric platform handles all requests related to nephrology and offers uninterrupted service.

Acumen Nephrologixx and Acumen EHR Plus include EHR and PM along with RCM services, which are just a few helpful tools that come with this nephrology-specific software. Acumen project management, next-generation healthcare records, mobile charge collection, and the performance quality reporting system are all examples of available modules. Over a long period of time, this robust software has fostered a reliable network of healthcare groups. The Acumen 2.0 EHR Software services approximately 2,400 nephrologists and more than 280 nephrology care facilities.

Agastha vs Acumen EHR Perks:

Agastha EHR Software Perks:

  • According to market analysis and user reviews from independent websites, Agastha EHR Software is a rapidly developing piece of software currently at position #100000 in the Medical Software category. Agastha EHR is available at no initial cost and can be used by businesses of any size. Agastha EHR supports multiple operating systems, including Windows and Linux, and can be used in the cloud or on a local server.
  • Agastha EHR Software allows its users to automate processes, build dashboards, and extract information. In addition, the software has a built-in document administration system. All Meaningful Use Stage 2 criteria are satisfied by the Agastha EHR, making it Meaningful Use Certified.
  • Patient visits can be improved with the help of Agastha EHR Software’s individualized care. Both patients and doctors can use this platform to track their health records and schedule appointments.
  • Agastha EHR Software streamlines the process of prescribing and dispensing medication by allowing for electronic prescriptions and providing access to inventory data.

Acumen 2.0 EHR Software Perks:

  • The Acumen 2.0 EHR Software facilitates precise administrative upkeep and rigid compliance with nephrology legislation, HIPAA compliance, and ICD-10. Both the CCHIT and the ONC have approved the Acumen electronic health record.
  • You can learn more about the value of the Acumen EHR dashboard components by taking a look at the demo. Acumen’s ability to please customers while clearly describing the most important features is a significant selling point. This platform allows customers to quickly and easily barter their special skills with one another.
  • You can send out invoices to clients in advance through Acumen EHR and get paid using a standardized, automated process. Controlling billing processes more effectively is just one of the many advantages of revenue cycle management. The tools and features it offers make it simple for both doctors and patients to sort out billing issues. Patients who’ve already paid their bills on time or still need to can be contacted using this method. This means that financial transactions can be automated with Acumen EHR Software, which improves productivity, reduces the risk of error, and frees up employees’ time.

Agastha vs Acumen EHR Pricing:

Agastha Pricing:

The price of the Agastha EHR Software is not readily available to the general public. On the other hand, if you want a quote for Agastha, you can contact the service provider. You can also request a demo of the Agastha EHR Software to see how it functions.

Acumen Pricing:

The Acumen EHR pricing structure is not public till now. Instead, you should sign up with this provider to access pricing information. The Acumen Software provides three pricing tiers: small, medium, and enterprise. In addition, the price of Acumen EHR ranges from $500 to $15,000, based on the size of the healthcare facility.

Agastha vs Acumen Reviews:

Agastha Reviews:

Agastha reviews have received high marks for its user-friendly interface and the extensive network of providers it provides access to. They like that it’s simple to use and that they can access their data from any location and at any time. Users will have no trouble providing telemedicine to patients anywhere in the world. However, some customers have complained that the company’s customer service could be more professional and that they need a quicker response time to their questions.

Acumen Reviews:

Users have consistently given Acumen EHR high marks, vouching for its reliability and usefulness. Acumen has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from its clientele, particularly in service quality and new staff member onboarding. Check out a live demo to see if the Acumen EHR suits your clinical practices.

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